What Is Innovation?

Innovation is the ability to create something new and execute it for the benefit of the stakeholders. Any organisation which sets overriding inspirational goals for the benefit of its stakeholders will rely on innovation as the lifeblood to achieve the goal.

Being involved in any business where momentum is driven by the depth of
client service can be a transformational experience. Such commitment is
embedded in life values in those who take responsibility and pride in the end result. Often it is only when others try to replicate such a product or service experience that it becomes clear just how much effort, discipline and innovation is needed to deliver at a high level consistently time and time again.

Leading Innovation?

Leaders in innovative organisations exhibit strong ownership of the vision of the business and make themselves the champion of these goals. They inherently balance creative and commercial processes and outcomes, and empower others to be productive and innovative in the business.

The benefits of enabling innovation are that there will be faster execution, clearer focus, less confusion and insecurity. More entrepreneurs will develop, improving morale and commitment. There will be a more trusting environment and a much greater understanding and stewardship of resources will ensue.

Following on, the enterprise will be more adaptable and roles and relationships will be clearer and more respectful. There will be "less noise", more action and far fewer unpleasant surprises.

Successful results from innovation will also positively impact the lives of the people in the enterprise and their homes and communities. They will develop business and financial literacy skills. Workplaces often become quieter as far less time is spent giving explanations, or fixing up after misunderstandings.

Most of all, customers and clients will benefit from the solutions that you create and deliver to them. And that most important of outcomes will drive us as Kiwis, to the sort of prosperous future that we have not even dreamed about, but are so well poised to deliver.