Unlocking the potential in your systems

Unlocking the potential in your systems

Night time minds

The major potential that lies underused in most organisations is the creative brain. The creative brain thrives on being presented with challenges and problems to solve. It also flourishes in an environment which believes that it is capable of solving the problems.

A lot of action or non action around problems is either activated or diminished in everyday meetings. This is the time when or open or closed perceptions can be diminishing or nurturing.

The environment can be more nurturing if the pattern and rhythm of meetings aligns with the creative brain process. A creative brain needs a problem to solve, it benefits from time away from the problem, a team of supporters and testers of solutions, and a consistent expectation or belief that if the problem will be solved.

Let’s take sleeping on it-if everyone in your organisation were sleeping on the main problems that the enterprise faces and not on management style what might result?

It is considered that bad ideas generally outnumber good by at least 3:1. Whatever the precise ratio is it can take a big dig to source the good ones.

So when these sleeping creatives emerge from their slumber what could happen to the wealth of ideas or conscious enlighten meet that emerges? And more importantly what part of that brain did your enterprise constructively occupy?

Here is a possible test-think about people who work with you who may be underperforming or at a “complacent’ level. Why not sit down with them and explain in friendly terms the good and the bad of current operations. Then try saying I’m stuck in this area but I’ve noticed that you have come up with some good ideas and I think you might be able to discover something here. Take them aside and see if they have a view of the problem then ask them to comeback with a proposed solution. Not a massive exercise which kills their creativity and overwhelms them- keep it simple. Something they are very close to.


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