Ten characteristics I would expect a leader of organizational innovation to exhibit

Ten characteristics I would expect a leader of org anizational innovation to exhibit
  1. Raises the trust bar in everyday actions and behaviour.
  2. Shares and creates inspiration to grow.
  3. Shares the role of identifying and solving problems.
  4. Encourages skilled question asking and processing as a competency.
  5. Transparent in decision making.
  6. Improves knowledge levels throughout.
  7. Is determined and persistent in focus and action.
  8. Ensures that people are aware of the stages and process of creativity and innovation.
  9. Acknowledges progress and shares pride in achievements.
  10. Follows through on promises.

We are all probably lucky enough to have come in contact with great leaders-people who enable us to create change and who make a difference by leading successful organizations or businesses. The demand for innovation will help to develop leaders and a productive culture will be more sustainable. The flame is lit, held and carried for the same reasons and principles.

Many of the leaders who we need in our country may be in development mode. Do they get all the chances they need to make the grade? Do they know what the grade is? Fostering leadership is a vital innovation process. Great role models are vital for this development. I would not be looking for a silo maker, a person who creates fear not inspiration, a leader who operates more from personal ego than with contribution.

We need to support and promote those who exhibit the characteristics of an innovative leader. They will come across in many different packages of personality type but I think will exhibit an underlying determination to improve, to break through resistance and to offer an improvement on what is offered today to improve business results and people’s lives. This person will be or will want to be on a mission of action.

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