Frequently Asked Questions

- What Is Innovation -

I define innovation as "something new in action" arising from ideas designed to solve problems. It is often thought that the generation or brainstorming of ideas is enough-innovation means that the idea is rolled out-whether it is successful or not does not matter at this point. Innovation covers the whole process from problem identification to roll out of something "live". It is not only romance and courtship- it is conception, gestation, birth and nurturing ideas to independence.

- How can innovation benefit your enterprise -

Innovation will give your business a constant supply of rich initiatives which will add value and attract business, strengthen opportunities and reduce weaknesses, and give your employees more stimulation, energy, security and career development. Innovation is an essential ingredient of successful business and it will improve financial returns and the value of your shareholding. Most of all it will feed the pivot on which the business sits in the world.

- Who is best to innovate -

Innovation is not just the domain of white coat lab technicians and software magicians. Innovation is a core capability for successful businesses and it is the responsibility of all leaders to develop and hone the creative capability of its entire workforce. With the right frameworks and structures in place, you can develop contribution pressure points for creative input from everyone.

- When is the right time to innovate -

It is always best to focus on innovation well before the scramble and panic when returns are diminishing. Innovation is about looking ahead, raising the telescope and seeing what we might discover or what may trouble us out there. The initial right time is choosing to commit to a growth journey. From that transformational moment, the right times to innovate may be when your compass or chart is shows opportunities or challenges ahead or when one of your enterprising people is alert to possibility and proposes a great idea.

- What is the difference between creativity and innovation -

I see creativity as the application of capability to create something new or different. Innovation is the process of applying these creative solutions, being something new or different, to fix a problem. Creativity may be used at every step of the way in the innovation process but not exclusively.

- Does innovation always give us the result we want -

If we always know the desired result we may be in danger of innovating to the extent that the result dictates. Innovation is now used frequently to describe incremental change. This may restrict discovery. If we more and more commonly accept incremental change to be innovation will we stop seeking, and accepting, change which is unspecified? And is that really the sort of innovation which will deliver breakthrough results?