About Me

- Mary Lewis BCA CA -

I am passionate about New Zealand and about expanding our business
base so that it is more productive and innovative. The community wide
benefits of job creation and legacy businesses excite me. I am
experienced at helping business and I have also researched and
developed skills and practices primarily to help New Zealand business

I am now very pleased to bring you an internationally proven open book practice to empower successful business by harnessing innovation.

I have extensive experience in the commercial sector-coaching and
consulting across a broad range of sectors, also in general management
and CFO roles, management in Chartered Accounting firms, as well as
leadership and creative roles within the community. I have consulted to
enterprises in professional services, manufacturing and design, IT,
sport, education, health and the aged care sector. Both from a position
inside the enterprise, as a GM and CFO, and as an external coach and
consultant I have helped organisations to change and grow.

Is this also the critical vulnerability in your

Across these sectors and organisations there was often a
critical vulnerability factor that disturbed me that routinely
was not being addressed as a core function—they did not
give management and staff regular or sufficient opportunity
to contribute to growth. I have now found a solution which
lies in the Great Game of Business systems and practice.

I am the only accredited coach in New Zealand of the Great
Game of Business and part of a growing vibrant
international community. As an innovation specialist I have
seen how The Great Game of Business improves results
by encouraging creativity and innovation by grounding
creativity in strong performances systems assuring financial

Spread the impact of being innovative

I have a busy life outside of work indulging in and appreciating our wonderful light and landscape—walking and playing golf, keeping myself fit through yoga and dance and enjoying sporting and cultural events. My extensive network of friends and family here in New Zealand reflect my deep commitment to this country personally and as an innovation consultant. I want to contribute more to our wonderful country so that others can share in similar opportunities.